This year in AncientWorlds' Egypt saw a rebirth of sorts.  Much
like the Ibis renewing itself from the ashes, Aegyptians renewed
their world.  It could not have happened without the help of our
Scribal Team.

First, there was a changeover and new Scribes came forth to
dedicate their time, resources, expertise and energy to this
amazing niche within AncientWorlds.  Joining the originals:  
Meritites, Seshat and Merneith was Sementawy.  She shall
forever have our gratitude for finally allowing AW Egypt to
benefit from her vast knowledge, leadership skills and gorgeous
decorating sense.  With the illness of our dear Meritites, a
personal tragedy for Seshat and other real life commitments for
Merneith, Sementawy's enlistment was more beneficial than I
believe she will ever know.

Other worlds have had four Scribes before, but Egypt is the only
one to end a year with no less than five!  Taysat became Egypt's
fifth Scribe earlier this month.  She is a hard worker who gave us
the Celestial Cow celebration.  She has shown talent for
leadership as well as page building.  Taysat uses her sense of
color to dramatic effect in her 'hoods as well as her home.  She is
an invaluable addition to Egypt's Scribal Team.

But, this is just a taste of what Egypt has accomplished this
year.  It's the tip of the iceberg!  Click on the buttons to the left
in order to view what we've really accomplished this year.
Egypt '07-'08  
A lot can happen in a year!